On a Wednesday?! What a rip-off that is, no 3 day weekend sucks. At least it isn’t a full week I guess.

Down here in Phoenix, AZ it’s going to be upwards of 115Ëš-116Ëš the next few days, which as you can image is just about like standing in an oven. Getting pretty sick of the +110Ëš temps, they came early this year. We need some monsoonal moisture quickly, but who knows when that’s likely to happen.

Did you ever collect anything as a kid? I went through, rocks, baseball cards, star wars cards, comic books, toys and now my current collection is art books. I absolutely love them and the collection is amazing and growing all the time.

My 34th birthday just passed a few weeks ago and my dear older brother got me an Amazon.com gift certificate, which means time for art books. I have these two killer selections on their way.

Illustration Now!

The Big Book of Illustration Ideas

Can’t wait until they arrive!

Man I hate Mondays, oh well what are you gonna do?!

Just bought one of these art projectors this weekend. Actually used part of a gift certificate for the purchase.

Should be a lot of fun to transfer my drawings to canvas. Also got a bunch of really cheap acrylic paints, $.50 a peice, picked up about 20 bottles or so. The more I paint the more and more I want to have my own studio and make a go of selling my paintings.

Studios, Yum, that leads me into my next link:

On My Desk – This great blog let’s artists show off their studios and workspaces.

I was originally going to post this link for anyone who works in the Advertising/Interactive/Communications fields, but it’s actually pretty universal for anyone who has clients. Funny Stuff…


Well hopefully I have the Subscriber Email notification set up for my blog now, if you get this email it means you’re a guinea pig in my little experiment and since you’re almost all family members you have to put up with my Interweb ramblings, ha ha ha ha!

Here’s a little sketch that I drew up the other day at work just messing around. I liked how it turned out, kind of reminds me of Castle Greyskull from the He-Man days.My co-worker Mike, who scanned it, nailed the name for me, “Enter Through The Tooth.”
Enter Through the Tooth
Whoops there’s another skull, I’m so last year. Eat it Jesus Diaz!

Well the hard returns issue turned out to be a Safari bug, not sure if it’s Safari over-all or just the latest beta release. Firefox seems to work great though so that’s nice.

I think today, June 27th, was my grandmothers birthday. Nana passed away last July, it was a sad summer, she was about 97 or 98 I think. God bless you Nan, we miss you!

I’ve been informed that Skulls and Wings are out, too bad, I still love skulls and wings! :)

The new White Stripes album “Icky Thump” is killer, I’ve been listening to it pretty much non-stop in my car since it came out last Tuesday.

These tracks in particular are really standing out above the rest:

1. Icky Thump

2. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)

3. 300 M.P.H. Torrential Outpour Blues

10. I’m Slowly Turning Into You

11. A Martyr For My Love For You

12. Catch Hell Blues

13. Effect and Cause

The White Stripes - Icky Thump

Well I figured it was time to set one of these up for something to do, a bit of extra time at work, and cause it seems like every artist/illustrator has one now a days so I figured why not.

So far it’s pretty easy and self explanatory except I’m having trouble with hard returns for some reason. More to come on that. For the meantime I’ve been using the code editor to do it.

So I sent a silly little vector piece, that was little more than an experiment, into Juxtapoz last February and low and behold it got published in the readers art section on the web site on my birthday last week.So anyhoo the piece got destroyed by some posters and it sucked but what can you do. I guess just know someone’s always going to hate your work. Seems like there’s a real hatred for vector art/illustration within the fine art world, I clearly submitted the wrong thing to the wrong magazine, oh well.It went from a great week to a horrible one in a matter of a few days, so goes life.Here’s the horrible, crappy illustration…

Midnight Blues