Here’s the latest paintings I’ve been working on this summer.



Driftwoods Fate – unfinished, about 98% done.

Driftwoods Fate

Bandito Rojo

Bandito Rojo

Here’s a little character I vectorized up today for the fun of it. He’s been hanging around on my computer as a scanned in sketch for a long time now.

Mean Bite!

Mean Bite

So down in Phoenix Arizona we have a lot of Jesus freaks around, and it seems they all love to wear their affiliations on their sleeves. Many of the weirdo Christian churches down here try to brand themselves very modernly and with a lot of design aesthetics involved so…

It got me thinking the other day, are you a bigger marketing/branding sucker for being “sucked in” so to speak by a religion or by a product?

I think definitely you are by being sucked into a church versus a product or service. That is assuming the brand actually makes the difference for you in determining if and what church you go to. I guess it’s a stretch but it got me thinking anyway.

Take this wacky place for instance. Cornerstone if you didn’t know any better you could mistake this for any run of the mill cheesey web design shop. Weird!

Here’s some vector downloads for you: Halftone Pattern 204kb


The file contains the following:

Dot Patterns:
Dots 6 dpi 10-60%
Dots 6 dpi 70-90%
Dots 10 dpi 10-60%
Dots 10 dpi 70-90%

0 to 50% dot gradation
0 to 50% line gradation
0 to 100% dot gradation
0 to 100% line gradation
50 to 100% dot gradation
50 to 100% line gradation
Undulating gradations

Well my Mojizu character design “The Angler” ended up getting smoked in the moji-war by about 20 votes or so I think, oh well, not suprising after seeing the ones that usually win.

The Angler

I have several other dudes in the hot moji’s section as well so hopefully they’ll make it into some upcoming wars.

Hot Mojis