Lately my wife and I just can’t catch a brake on the movies we rent from Netflix, which is hardly their fault. Is it me or is just about 99% of the material coming out of hollywood these days a steamy pile?

There’s been a few exceptions: Iron Man, Horton Hears A Who (even though I never saw the ending, my 2 year old couldn’t last), and maybe a few others here and there, but mostly all junk.

So my list below got me thinking about all the recent movies I’ve rented (since we only get out to a max of 2 or 3 a year now) and absolutely hated, wished for your time and money back. The list is in no particular order except for how I remember them as I type:

1. 10,000 BS, I mean BC. – WOW, nothing can save this pile of crap.
2. Pathfinder – Who funds these things?!
3. Jumper – couldn’t get through, fell asleep
4. Cloverfield – This movie blew so badly, I thought I was going to puke from the camera style or have a seizure! I lasted about 10 minutes before we turned it off, o.k. I lied about 5 minutes.
5. Lions for Lambs – Do i really need another reason to hate Tom Cruise more?!
6. Smiley Face – Unwatchable, sounded like a good idea until the movie started.
7. Knocked Up – Why did people think this movie was funny? Horrible writing!
8. Children of Men – Sorry people, this one sucked as well.
9. Smokin’ Aces – One of the worst movies of all time.
10. The Break-Up – Enough said.
11. Fun with Dick and Jane
12. Good Night, and Good Luck – Great to fall asleep to
13. The Assassination of Richard Nixon – Ugggghhhhh
14. Superman Returns – Snore fest
15. Shooter – Absolute garbage
16. Cellular – mmmmmmm no!
17. Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen – Craptastic!

There’s a ton more and I’ll be updating this list as well as I think of more, and see more unfortunately.

I have a running list of movies that I will go to my grave never having viewed. I refuse to ever watch these movies, AIN’T gonna happen!

Without further ado, here’s the list:

1. Titanic – Leo Decrapprio
2. Steel Magnolias – A gaggle of annoying women
3. The Notebook – Who knows, who cares
4. Pursuit of Happiness – Will Smith
5. Sense and Sensibility – old Timey nonsense

I’ll keep updating this list as I think of more movies destined to never be viewed by my eyes.

Wow, yesterday I paid the most I’ve ever paid for gasoline. $4.12/gallon in my Jeep Grand Cherokee for a total fill up costing $69.08!

Now I know what you’re all saying, Waaaaa you have an SUV and Waaaa we are paying way more. Yup I know sorry about your luck, my luck and the world’s luck. I blame the damn oil traders and speculators, oh well what can we do, we’re all doomed!

What is everyone else out there paying for gas right now?

In late March I was laid off from the advertising agency I worked at for three and a half years. It was a decent job, especially creatively, but like every job not without it’s fair share of issues. I was looking to establish my freelance base right before it happened, being that I was going to leave the company soon anyway to go freelance and raise my daughter at home full time.

Fortunately for me I’ve established some great relationships since then and the level of creativity has actually gone way up. I’ve designed more web sites in the past 2.5 months than I did over the entire 3.5 years at my previous employer, so that’s a very positive thing.

I’ll be posting links and screenshots soon of some of my recent work for you all to see.

And another little friendly reminder, I’m open for business! If you need help with any print & web design projects, please don’t hesitate get a hold of me right away, thanks!

My mom is very sick and in hospice. When I travelled back to Michigan to see her about a month ago she gave me a little quotation on a piece of paper that she thought pertained to me and that I would appreciate. Here’s the quote…

“Nothing in the world can take the place of Persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful individuals with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education alone will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent.”

I read this quote everyday sitting below a picture of my mother at work. I hope to live my life this way. My mom was correct and the quote hit me straight to the heart and soul.

Well the new version of my freelance web site is up and running. Probably 90% done. I have some tweaking on content and a few other small issues. I really love the way it turned out, and I’ve added some great functionality to it for efficient client collaboration on projects. I’m very excited to use it.

You may have come from my home page but if not, here it is; PMD Creative let me know what you think, comments are welcome.

Also a new focus of my business is going to be the design and set up of custom blogs, so if you need one, I’m available to help you out. Email me at I’m open for business.

The next project I’ve taken on has been one that’s been in the making for a long time now but with a small twist. I’ve always wanted to do a custom snowboard-type shop but due to the price of snowboards it seems a bit tough to do.

However skateboards are cheaper and more disposable so enter waaaaaay cool!

Here’s my new skateboard and apparel brand Decoy Skateboards. Give it a look and tell me what you think, thanks!