moe. is one of my favorite bands of the last several years, they really speak to me.

How cool would it be to walk into a Borders Books Store and see one of your favorite bands playing acoustically?!

If you like a little banjo pickin’, bluegrass rock, then this band may well be for you. Check out the sweet dancing hippies in the front. I can’t blame them however, these guys make me feel like dancing to.

These guys never really got the acclaim they deserved. Some of the best songs performed by Nirvana on the Nirvana MTV unplugged album were written by Cris and Curt Kirkwood, including the one below, “Plateau.”

They released a new album this year, “Sewn Together” and so far it may be my favorite of 2009.

Here’s an oldie but a Goodie:

Meat Puppets “Plateau” @ The Orpheum Theatre in Flagstaff, AZ March 20 2008

Well we’re another year older as a country and what better way to celebrate than blowing a few fingers off?!

Black Cat Fireworks Recalls Fireworks Due to Injury Hazard – This is a funny one to me, I got this in the governments official recall email. Haven’t Black Cat fireworks and fireworks in general always posed a risk of injury?! I’m not sure if people know this but they get that cool exploding look and sounds from gun powder.

Gonna go see Wall-e this weekend, hopefully my daughter can make it the whole hour and a half.