Freelance Again… for awhile now

In late March I was laid off from the advertising agency I worked at for three and a half years. It was a decent job, especially creatively, but like every job not without it’s fair share of issues. I was looking to establish my freelance base right before it happened, being that I was going to leave the company soon anyway to go freelance and raise my daughter at home full time.

Fortunately for me I’ve established some great relationships since then and the level of creativity has actually gone way up. I’ve designed more web sites in the past 2.5 months than I did over the entire 3.5 years at my previous employer, so that’s a very positive thing.

I’ll be posting links and screenshots soon of some of my recent work for you all to see.

And another little friendly reminder, I’m open for business! If you need help with any print & web design projects, please don’t hesitate get a hold of me right away, thanks!

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